Teachers Detail
4. Land:    
4.1 Whether copy of the Affidavit in the prescribed format has been displayed on the website as required under Regulation 8(9) of the NCTE Regulations, 2007
4.2 Land Identification(Plot/Khasra No.)    
4.2 Land Area in sq mt.   13610 sqmt
4.2 Whether the Title of the land is on Ownership basis   Ownership bassis
4.3 Title of the land is on lease as per law   NA
4.4 Duration of the lease   NA
4.5 Land Use Certificate obtainedfor Educational       Institution   yes
5. Manpower (Photographs of Teaching Faculty should be displayed)
5.1 Details of proposed/appointed teaching staff  (Date of birth, Qualification,
Professional Qualification, and other relevant information)                                                                                               Yes
5.2 Details of proposed/appointed non-teaching staff                                                                          Yes

6. Building

   Yes            No           
6.1 Construction of the building is complete   Yes
6.2 Building is yet to be constructed  

6.3 Building is fire safety-proof

6.4 Building is disabled friendly  

6.5 Common room for girls available

6.6 Date of completion of the Building   25/oct/2007

6.7 Covered Area in sq mt.

  1500 sqmt
6.8  Number of classrooms   5

7. Library

   Yes            No           

7.1 The Library has separate reference section/ √Journals section and reading room


7.2 Number of books in the library




7.3 Total number of educational  Journals / periodicals being subscribed


7.4 Number of encyclopedias available in the library


7.5 Number of books available in the reference section of the library    

7.6 Seating capacity of the reading room of the library  



8. Instructional Facilities


8.1 Details of laboratories available(pl attach annexure)      


8.2  Arrangement made for practice teaching




8.3  Number and Name of school(s) for practice teaching



9. Facilities for games & sports:

       Yes              No









9.1 Own Playground          


9.2 Playground of another institution on sharing       basis          


9.3 Gymnasium/Multipurpose hall

9.4 Facilities for gymnasium  
9.5 Facilities for athletics  
9.6 Facilities for Indoor Games        
9.7 Facilities for Outdoor Games  

10. Other facilities available

       Yes              No





10.1 Canteen facilities available or not


10.2 Medical facilities available or not


10.3 Hostel facilities available or not

Note: This is the minimum information to be provided. Institutions however may like to add further inputs for information of stakeholders.
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